Certification Renewal


Certification is renewed every five years and requires the following
qualifications for renewal:

Still employed in the corrections field

Has attended not less than one National ACCA meeting during the five years
(Verifications to be made through signed attendance sheet at the meeting).

Annual membership in ACCA maintained.

Documentation of continuing professional training during the previous five-year
period. There is to be a minimum of forty (40) contact hours. Formal training
sessions at Regional or National ACCA meeting may be included. (Documentation
will mean a copy of the training certificate issued with name of session, date,
leader, and number of contact hours. If a certificate is not issued, a letter
from an official of the event containing the above mentioned information will be
accepted. Fellowship, business or other types of gatherings will not be

Payment of the renewal fee of $25.00 for the next five-year period.