There is a requirement for the completion of units of CPE (Clinical Pastoral
Education), the number of units required depends upon the level of
certification.  Although one unit of CPE is required for all levels of
certification, there are alternatives to the standard method of obtaining
clinical education (CPE) for the additional units and those requirements may be
achieved through a variety of pastoral training programs/experiences which
enable the candidate to achieve the competencies outlined in the requirements
for ACCA certification.

Equivalencies to CPE must be approved by the Certification Committee. The
candidate shall clearly state the reason for seeking acceptance of equivalency
education and why completion of the CPE requirement was not possible.
Equivalencies may include the following:

1.   A clinical educational experience for an equivalency unit that:

a.    Shall have completed a minimum of 400 hours, including supervised pastoral ministry and/or clinical practices. Candidate shall clearly define the nature of the ministry and/or clinical practice.

b.      Shall have included individual supervision of pastoral ministry and/or clinical practice.

c.      Shall include didactic sessions on professional functioning and theological

d.      Shall include interpersonal sharing in a peer group.

e.      Shall include attention to personal, professional identity issues.

f.        Shall include a detailed written evaluation from the candidate and the candidate‚Äôs
supervisor addressing the above 5 items.

g.      The credentials of the supervisor providing the equivalent experience shall be
approved by the Certification Committee.

2.   A doctoral degree or another graduate degree related to pastoral care may meet the criteria for at least one (1) equivalency unit of CPE.

3.   Educational programs which include individual and group supervision, learning objectives, practice of ministry, seminars, written accounts of ministry, integration of
theology and the behavioral sciences, interdisciplinary team relationships, and
in-depth written evaluations by student and supervisor/instructor may meet the
criteria for one (1) equivalency unit of CPE (400 hours). This requirement shall
be separate from similar field work or other requirements required for any
degree program.