C.O.P. Award

A Chaplaincy Offender Program is defined as one in which a chaplain has duties that are important in the operation of an effective program that is making a positive difference in the lives of offenders in an institution or in community supervision.

Eligibility: Any chaplain program serving adult or juvenile offenders, victims, or community corrections clientele that demonstrates a positive difference in the lives of people in at least two of the following areas: 1) New knowledge, 2) Increased skills, 3) Changed attitudes or values, 4) Modified behavior, 5) Altered status, 6) decreased recidivism, or 7) Improved social relationships

To nominate a program/chaplain for the C.O.P. Award, please submit an email or send a letter with the following information …

Name of Program or Project

Program/Project Address, Contact Person, Phone Number, Email Address

Chaplain and Volunteers Involved in the Program/Project

Purpose or Mission Statement of the Program/Project

Specific Goals/Outcomes of the Program/Project

Beginning Date of the Program/Project (Must be at least three years in operation)

Normal Meeting Time and Location of the Program/Project

A brief description of the Program/Project in about 100 words

Please mail or Email this information to …

Rev. Norma Gillom, 2304 West 38th Ave. Pine Bluff, AR. 71603 … gillompastor@aol.com