Chaplains Being Targeted by Scammers

IPCA recently reported that two of their member chaplains in the U.S. and Canada received telephone calls from persons claiming to be located in Pakistan and Sri Lanka who were soliciting the exact same amount of money for purposes of supposedly traveling to sister's funerals in Oregon and Vancouver.
A chaplain in Connecticut received a telephone call from a person claiming to be a fellow chaplain who was supposedly stranded in a foreign country and urgently needing money to get home. Similarly, ACCA has received emails from persons claiming to be stranded in various countries and asking for money to get back to the U.S.
ACCA has also been contacted by persons from Africa, India and other third-world places claiming to be chaplains who were seeking money to supposedly assist prisoners and/or were looking to "affiliate" with us.
All of the preceding turned to be 'fishing' scams. So, if you are contacted by anybody with an odd story who is soliciting funds or other assistance, do not bite!
You are welcome to refer any such contacts to your ACCA communications team and we will appropriately deal with them.

Thank You