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Texas is Hiring Chaplains


The hiring freeze in Texas in 2017 has produced 25 chaplaincy vacancies.  The hiring freeze will end on September 1, 2017.  The TDCJ will be hiring chaplains for most of the Fall 2017.


The Texas Department of Criminal Justice Chaplaincy Department is a forward-looking, stable, constitutional and rehabilitative force of 126 full-time positions in 104 facilities in every region of the state. 


Texas is a faith-friendly and chaplaincy-friendly state which looks to faith-based programs in Chaplaincy to help redirect people’s lives and to help keep our recidivism rate, currently at 21%, low.


If you would like to apply, go to

  • TDCJ website, click on
  • Quick Links, then
  • TDCJ Job Search, then
  • Select a Category:  Professionals
  •  Look for Chaplain I


Postings will begin for Chaplain I positions after September 1, 2017. 


Clinical Pastoral Education is not required for hiring; however, two units of accredited CPE are required for promotion.


Starting salary is approximately $40,450 annually, with a substantial benefit package.   


We are looking for 25 good men and women.


This Summer at the ACA Congress in St. Louis

“The Power of Positive Peers:  The Texas Experience of Offender Volunteer Service in a Comprehensive Chaplaincy Program” was a workshop given by Past President, Vance Drum.


The Power of Positive Peers:  The Texas Experience of Offender Volunteer Service in a Comprehensive Chaplaincy Program

Staff Development and Training


Texas’ Eastham Prison (“America’s Worst” in a 1986 Newsweek cover story) experienced significant positive Prison Culture Transformation over an extended period of time.  How did it happen?  This workshop will explore the factors that influence transformation, including administrative leadership support and the role of volunteers. Special attention will be given to the strategic role of offender, faith-based volunteer service in a comprehensive chaplaincy program.  


Pictures of the Conference

Please take a look at our Facebook Page for the pictures of our recent conference held in conjunction witht he ACA's 147th Congress of Corrections in St. Louis.



The National Catholic Reporter has an by  in the

The article is 'click-able' here -




American Jails Magazine Special Issue on Chaplaincy Available Online:

While a few years since the publication, the July/August 2012 issue of the American Jail Association's magazine, which was devoted to 'Keeping the Faith - Religious Issues in Jails' is still a bench mark for chaplains and should be considered required reading. AJA's journal described the chaplaincy as: "Meeting the religious needs of inmates from all faith groups without breaking the budget, the law or security can be a formidable challenge. This unique issue of American Jails focuses on religious programming, including best practices and the role that a professional chaplain plays in the proper management of a detention facility." Several of the articles, a dual guest editorial, guest 'Chaplain's Corner' column and tribute to Sister Margaret Graziano have been contributed by ACCA members. To download a pdf file of the entire issue, click here .

  ACCA Endorsed Pew Forum 50-State Survey on Prison Chaplaincy Released
To view the entire report, go to
  Paper on Prison Chaplaincy Published
A paper on prison chaplaincy by Tom O'Connor and Jeff Duncan entitled 'The Sociology of Humanist, Spiritual, and Religious Practices in Prison: Supporting Responsivity and Desistance from Crime' is now available via the internet. For a free full-text pdf download, go to
 Sunday TV Mass Serves Inmates Nationwide
The American Catholic Correctional Chaplains Association recommends a special Sunday Mass produced for those unable to participate in a parish liturgy that is now available via TV. For more information about this program, Click Here
ACA Religious Faith Policy
The American Correctional Association renewed its 'Public Correctional Policy on Religious Faith and Practice' at the 140th Congress of Correction, August, 2010. To read that policy, Click Here.
Article on Faith-Based Prison Units
To read an excellent article by Stephen Hall about Indiana's PLUS program, Click Here
Reprinted with permission of the American Correctional Association, Alexandria, VA


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