[Regional Information and Future National Conferences]

As of August, 2020


Executive Council shall be composed of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Membership Secretary, Recording Secretary Treasurer, Immediate Past President, Special Counselor to the President, Faith Endorsers, Regional Managers, National Faith Representatives, Chairs of Standing Committees, and Past Presidents Council.  The President can also request other committee representatives to attend the Executive Council.  This group conducts business at national meetings.


Executive Committee shall consist only of the national officers—President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and, Immediate Past President.  This group conducts business between national ACCA conferences and meetings.


Standing Committees (shall meet at least once annually and provide reports at membership business meetings)

1. Audit

2. Budget & Finance

3. Certification

4. Communications

5. Constitution & Bylaws

6. Membership

7. Nominating

8. Program & Regional Managers

9. Research, Planning, & Development

10. Standards

Regional Managers (4)

1. Northeast

2. East Central

3. South Central

4. Northwest                                          

Faith Representatives (2)

1. Catholic                             

2. Protestant                          


National Officers (7)                                                           


Rev. Deacon John Tomandl

48 Park Ave

Auburn, NY   13021

(315) 729-4668


Rev. Dr. Charles F. Williams

24 Wolcott Hill Rd

Wethersfield, CT 06109


2nd Vice-President


Rev. Dr. Norma Gillom

2916 Lehigh Dr.

Little Rock, AR 72204

(870) 413-3698


Rev. Vance L. Drum, D.Min.

Prison Seminaries Foundation

3863 FM 2663

Crockett, TX 75835

(936) 544-4819 


Dale Hale

17606 W. Warren Ave.

Grayslake, IL 60030

CHANCELLOR (Past President)

Tim O’Dell

2324 N Brunswick Ct.

Murfreesboro, TN 37127

(615) 870-2627

Special Counselor to the President

Larry L. Coleman

2106 Nye Drive

Fremont, NB 68025

(717) 512-2718

Association of Religious Endorsers Representative

Assembly of God Endorsing Agency

Dan Odean

3709 N. Vera Cruz Dr.

Springfield, MO 65803

(812) 243-7689

Regional Managers (4)


Chuck Williams

See contact information under

National Officers (same page)

East Central

Sylvia Moseley

See contact information under

National Officers (same page)


South Central

Rev. Vance L. Drum, D.Min.

Global Prison Seminaries Foundation

3863 FM 2663

Crockett, TX 75835

(936) 544-4819


David Young

(406) 994-5552 – o

(406) 581-4013 – c

2622 Spring Creek Drive

Bozeman, MT 597

North Central, Southeast, Southwest, and West Central – one is pending here.

Vacant Regional Managers

Faith Representatives


John Tomandl     

(315) 729-4668



Jimmy Wilson (Retired) 

(248) 470-0692


304 Vestrella Dr

Kissimmee, FL 34759-4458.

No other faith representative member

Standing Committees


Charles Williams, Chair



Budget & Finance

Charles Williams, Chair

Dale Hale

Richard Deshaies


Norma Gillom, Chair

(870) 413-3698

2916 Lehigh Drive, Little Rock, AR 72204

Janet Casey-Allen (Past Chair)

Larry Coleman, Chair Emeritus

Vance Drum

Anthony Bruno

Doris Woodruff-Filbey

Charles Williams

Communications (Web Page Coordinator)


David M. Young

P.O. Box 5345

Bozeman, MT 59717

(406) 581-4013

Constitution & Bylaws

Vance Drum, Chair               (936) 544-4819

Dale Hale                               (847) 778-9865

Anthony Bruno                       (860) 692-7577

Manuel Cordero                     (417) 569-8470

Richard Iske                           (727) 580-9068

Sylvia Moseley                       (937) 263-0060 X 5533


Tim O’Dell

Richard Deshaies

Jimmy L. Wilson



Vance Drum, Chair

Norma Gillom

Johnny Frambo Sr.

Sylvia Moseley

David Young



Research, Planning, & Development

Tim O’Dell

Al Worthley

John Tomand



Coalition on Ministries in Specialized Settings -

COMISS Representative

Dr Teresa S McIlwain

3325 Washburn Ave, Suite 112

Charlotte, NC 28205



A.C.A. President

Lannette C. Linthicum, M.D.

(936) 437-3537 or 3538

Ad Hoc Committees

Awards (Past Presidents)

Tim O’Dell                              (2018-2020)

Vance Drum:                          (2013-2017)

Dale Hale (Chair)                    (2010-2013)

Anthony Bruno                        (2006-2010)

Paul E. Rogers                       (2002-2006)

Doris Woodruff-Filbey            (2000-2002)




To be appointed by the President 2020 (summer)

A.C.A. Hospitality, Prayer, & Meditation Room

Founder: Honorable Helen G. Corrothers

(301) 871-6685

Dale Hale: Coordinator

Vance Drum: Co-Coordinator

Norma Gillom: Lead Female Counselor,

Assistant to the Coordinator

Corrections Today Articles

David Young: Coordinator

A.C.C.A. Regions

Northeast – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New

York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,

Vermont; the District of Columbia; the Maritime Provinces; and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec

Southeast – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

North Central – Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin; the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

South Central
– Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas

Northwest – Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming; the Canadian province of British Columbia

Southwest – Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah


East Central – Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia

West Central – Colorado, Illinois, Kansas,

Missouri, and Nebraska

*Mark Reynolds

National Director, TBN 2nd Chance

4525 Vineland Road

Orlando, FL 32811

(321) 206-6051

*Tami Weissert                                        

 President, Servant’s Oasis

200 N. 7th Street                                    

Lebanon, PA 17046

(402) 730-8264


COUNCIL MEMBERS         APPOINTMENT 2020-2021                                 STATE

Bruno, Anthony              Former President                                                              CT

Coleman, Larry              Special Counselor to the President                                  NB

Cordero, Manuel            Assemblies of God Endorser                                            MO

Deshaies, Rich*            Special Consultant to the President                                  MA

Drum, Vance L*.            Secretary, Constitution & Bylaws Committee Chair        TX                                

Gillom, Norma J.            2nd Vice President and Certification Committee Chair    AR

Hale, Dale L.*                 Treasurer & Former President                                          IL

Knott, Peggy                   Regional Manager SC                                                      MS         

Moseley, Sylvia*              Membership Secretary and Regional Manager EC         OH

Daniel Odean                  Assemblies of God Ministries Representative                 MO                               

O’Dell, Tim*                    President                                                                          TN

Rogers, Paul                   Former President                                                             WI

Tomandl, John*               President, Regional Manager NE                                    NY

Williams, Charles*         1st Vice President                                                             CT

Wilson, Jimmy                 Protestant Faith Representative                                      FL

Woodruff-Filbey, Doris     Former President                                                             IN

Young, David                    Regional Manager NW                                                     MT

*Executive Committee members who are the national officers who conduct business between conferences.


Johnny Frambo Sr.                                                                Daniel Odean

Regional Chaplain                                                                 Correctional Chaplain Ministries Representative

Florida Department of Corrections                                      Assemblies of God                                                               

501 South Calhoun, Room 435B                                         3709 North Vera Cruz                         

Tallahassee, FL 32399                                                          Springfield, MO 65803                                                         

(850) 717-3186 Office                                                           (812) 243-7689 Cell                                                               



Summer 2021                         Nashville, TN                          August 13-17

Winter 2022                            Phoenix, AZ                            TBD

Summer 2022                         New Orleans, LA                    August 5-9

Winter 2023                            Orlando, FL                            TBD

Summer 2023                         Philadelphia, PA                     TBD

All conference dates are listed Friday through Tuesday.  There are no more sessions on Wednesday.

A.C.C.A. sessions are held Saturday and Sunday; A.C.A. prayer room Monday and Tuesday.

Exhibits are open Sunday afternoon at 4:00 and end Tuesday at Noon after the prize drawing.

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