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There are two articles of interest - both authored or coauthored by ACCA Past President, Rev. Vance Drum, that are very good resources for anyone involved in correctional chaplaincy.  I highly recommend them to everyone!

[The Faith Factor and  Inmate Peer Ministry]


Rev. Norma Gillom

President, American Correctional Chaplains Association or


American Correctional Assoication

Religion and Faiht Based Services Committee

Music Center Convention Center

201 Rep. John Lewis Way, Room 101E, Nashville, TN

Saturday August 14, 2021 – 8:30 a.m.



  • Sign-in, Distribution of Agenda and Minutes, Breakfast and Fellowship
  • Attendees:

John Tomandl, David Young, Joshua Smith, Norma Gillom, Dale Hale,

Joe Pryor, Anthony(Tony) Bruno, Donald Lacy, Isaac Mineses, Ed Banks,

Tosha Jones, Vance Drum, Teresa McIlwain (Assigned Note taker)


  • Call To Order           8:30 am                                                        Chaplain Vance Drum, Chair

Vance welcomed the attendees and thanked Baptist Chaplaincy Relations and Bobby Smith for sponsoring the delicious breakfast.


  • Prayer                                                                                                               Father Tony Bruno
  • Attendees’ Introductions
  • Approval of January 12, 2020 Minutes
  • Father Tony Bruno made the motion to approve the minutes
  • Dale Hale seconded the motion
  • When Vance asked if there was discussion, John Tomandl stated the minutes were missing a request made by Burl Cain for him to write a request to change chaplains from non-mandatory to mandatory in corrections facilities.  John stated he wrote the request.  Norma stated ACA standards state chaplains are non-mandatory and made a suggestion to send a resolution to the Standards Committee to change chaplains from being non-mandatory to mandatory.  Everyone agreed.  Vance asked Father Bruno to amend his motion.  He did so.  Vance took the vote.  The Motion passed unanimously and the minutes were approved.  Vance asked Norma to write the resolution.  Norma agreed to do so.
  • President’s Charge (Back of Agenda)

Vance read and led discussion.  Attendees stated there is more talk of religion in ACA now than in the past.  It was noted, however, that there is no chaplain representative on the ACA Standards Committee.  Joshua Smith made a motion that a resolution be written to the Standards Committee to have a chaplain on the

committee.  The motion was seconded. Vance asked Norma to write the resolution.  Norma agreed. 


  • Religion Visibility at the ACA and in corrections

Vance listed five ways of religion being visible at ACA on the agenda

The five ways were discussed and attendees shared additional information. 

  • Article submissions to Chaplain Perspectives in Correction Today

David Young shared what has and is occurring with Correction Today.

Writers are committed to write articles for the remainder of 2021.  David sent a sign-up sheet for 2022.   Joe Pryor, Donald Lacy and John Tomandl agreed to write articles.


  • Joshua Smith Personal Sharing

Joshua shared he was the keynote speaker at the Corrections Leadership Association(CLA) meeting. He shared some of his speech with the committee and encouraged the committee to keep doing great work as new doors of opportunities for religious ministry are opening. He left the meeting after he shared for another commitment. 


  • Attendees Sharing (Vance Selected)
  • Joe Pryor
  • Promoting different religious programs
  • Every state is going through process of approving faith-based programs
  • Working with Florida and Arizona to do research to prove the value of religious services
  • Teresa encouraged Joe to look at Association of Professional Chaplains(APC) to  see how they are doing research with chaplains
  • Donald Lacy
  • Did two zoom meetings in April, 2021
  • Oversees the chaplains in the Baptist chaplaincy program as an endorser; one hundred chaplains send quarterly emails sharing their experiences
  • COVID-19 challenged Spiritual Care Department to be more creative than ever before as spiritual care was provided
  • Isaac Mineses
  • He stated he is doing ministry in the jail in Albequerque, New Mexico and the inmates are responding well.
  • He is learning how to use technology more in his daily provision of spiritual care.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Dr. Teresa McIlwain, Note taker



American Correctional Chaplains Association

Executive Council and Business Meeting

Music Center Convention Center

201 Rep. John Lewis Way, Room 101E, Nashville, TN

Saturday, August 14, 2021 – 1:00 p.m.




  • Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by Pres. John Tomandl at 1:00 p.m.
  • Prayer – An opening devotion and prayer was led by Fr. Tony Bruno.
  • Attendees – All introduced themselves briefly. Those present were Teresa McIlwain, Janet Casey-Allen (by Zoom), Charles Williams, Anthony Bruno, David Young, Kristi Anderson, Eric Anderson, Prinn Deavens, Isaac Mineses, Dale Hale, John Tomandl, Vance Drum, Tosha Jones, Donald Lacy and Norma Gillom.
  • ACA Prayer & Meditation Room Sign-up – Dale passed around a sign-up sheet. We are in our 31st year in the ACA Prayer Room. A Dedication Service was held on Aug. 13, 2021. The Prayer Room is scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the ACA.
  • Committee Reports
    • Membership – Dale reported members: 164 Professional; 22 Certified; 17 Retired; 81 Other (51 Associate; 28 Affiliate; 2 Auxiliary).
    • Finance – Dale reported: Total $16,041.78 as of 7/31/2021), including $9904.82 National; $1436.96 NE Region; $2700.00 APCCA (Protestant chaplains); $2000 CHEF (Chaplains’ Hospitality and Education Fund).
    • Communications – Dave Young reported there are commitments to write a Chaplain’s Perspective column for Corrections Today through 2022. Dave and John are managing the ACCA website.
    • Certification – Norma reported on certification candidates in the pipeline.
    • COMISS - Teresa reported on her attendance at the last COMISS meeting in Alexandria, VA; that our COMISS dues are paid; and that it is good to have correctional chaplaincy representation at the meeting.
  • Fellowship Dinner – Norma announced tonight’s Caney Fork Grill dinner.
  • How Can the ACCA Better Serve our Membership and Clients?

           Discussion on Challenges & Solutions led by Pres. John. Various ones spoke.

          Shared Ideas:

  • Online apps are available for job openings.
  • Virtual conferences; videos; CEUs; Zoom training; executive meetings.
  • ACPE: Community of Interest chaplains dialog and create community.
  • Entering facilities in a group is easier for a new volunteer than individually.
  • Leadership matters: Encourage good people to lead; elect good people to lead.
  • Contact chaplaincy endorsers by letter, encouraging their participation.
  • Chaplains are needed, invited, welcome and urged to join ACA committees.
  • Chaplains do well to be visible at ACA with workshops, CT articles, prayer.
  • Chaplains must be ACA members to be on an ACA committee.
  • It’s important to have a timeline for ACCA projects.
  • John will set up a Zoom chaplains’ conference 1X/month beginning in December.
  • Chaplains are visible and active at the ACA; however, there is need for more!
  • We are thankful for several new faces at this conference!
  • We much appreciate all who volunteer and help with our activities at the ACA!
  • Other ACCA Business
    • Prayer Breakfast – Norma facilitated at the ACA on Friday, August 13, 2021.
    • ACA Chaplaincy Workshop, “COVID-19 Era Corrections: Responding Effectively to a Changed Environment,” led by Vance Drum and Donald Lacy, Aug. 13, 2021.
    • ACA Chaplaincy Workshop, “The Virtuous Prison Model: How it Can Benefit Staff Wellness and Strengthen the Correctional Workforce,” by Kristi Miller-Anderson.
    • ACA/ACCA Worship Service – Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021, 8:30 a.m.
  • Nominations. Pres. John reported:
    • President, Norma Gillom (AR); Vice President,
    • Teresa McIlwain (NC);
    • Secretary, Tosha Jones (CT);
    • Treasurer, Dale Hale (IL).

Motion by Vance, Second by Fr. Tony to install these as our officers for 2021-2023.

The vote was unanimous to approve the slate. New term begins on Aug. 17, 2021.


  • Presentation. Norma presented President John with an appreciation plaque for his excellent leadership over the past years as our president in a challenging COVID era.
  • Installation. Fr. Tony Bruno conducted a Service of Installation for the new officers, with appropriate ceremony and flash bulbs popping all ‘round, from all of our cell phone cameras! We pray the best for our new leadership.
  • Adjournment. Pres. John adjourned the meeting at 2:30 p.m. with prayer.

NOTE: Video of the meeting and the installation of officers can be viewed on FaceBook -

ACCA - American Correctional Chaplains Association