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Recently, emails purported to be from Officers of ACCA have been sent to individuals whose names and email addresses seem to be gleaned from the website as well, requesting money, iTunes cards, and other similar items.


THESE EMAIL MESSAGES ARE FRAUDULENT.  You will never receive an email message from any officer of ACCA with such request.  Please block the sender and do not respond to these requests.


Pro-Life? It's more than simply wanting to stop abortion.

The Vatican released the news that the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church

is being revised in light of further consideration and awarenes of the dignity of ALL human

persons.  The Church's new stance will be that there can be NO JUSTIFICATION for the use

of the Denth Penalty in dealing with criminals and their punishment.

Click Link to article in the Boston Pilot



News and Notes

The Need for Hospice Rises as America's Incarcerated Age (click to read article)

Family Connection in Correctional Facilities: informational webinar on TTA Opportunty






Governmental Chaplaincy and Religious Diversity
(G-CARD): Toward Best Practices

Co-Sponsored by
American Academy of Religion and Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism
Friday and Saturday, November 16 and 17th, Denver, CO.


Special training for senior officials who oversee chaplaincy in governmental institutions, in particular in corrections.

Access to discounted conference hotels.
Free access to the largest religion “bookstore” in the U.S.

Free registration for all of AAR’s other sessions Sunday through Tuesday.
2018 Overall G-CARD

1:00 PM – 6:30 PM Friday, November 16 Programs on diverse religions, interfaith
leadership, and the law
7:00 PM – ??????  Friday, November 16 Hosted cocktails
8:00 AM – 6:30 PM Saturday, November 17 Programs on diverse religions, interfaith
leadership, and the law

The training has a discussion-based format in a roundtable setting with major experts on
various religions and other topics related to chaplaincy. Also provided are updates on the law
affecting chaplaincy and opportunities for attendees to share best practices across jurisdictions.
Specific topics for 2018 will be posted by October.

Attendee topic suggestions are welcome.

Interested? Contact Barbara A. McGraw, organizer and (with Patrick McCollum) co-facilitator at: - And visit our web pages on the AAR’s website here: